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Electoral Bonds & Privacy – Kaarana – Medium

The arguments supportive of electoral bonds emphasis that privacy of donors exist and is a form of free speech. Let us examine the data flows to verify if privacy / anonymity really exists in electoral bonds. At the centre of India’s controversial campaign financing system is the concept of privacy. Top ministers of the Indian […]

Hacks of democracy and ECMP patch removing security checks.

How checks and balances that exist in a democracy are hacked in policymaking. Aadhaar ECMP Hack and skirting security checks HuffPost India exposed in detail how a patch to ECMP client, the software used to enrol people into Aadhaar can disable security checks that were intended to prevent fraudulent enrollments. UIDAI's Aadhaar Software Hacked, ID […]

Videos / TV Debates – Kaarana – Medium

Playlist of videos of talks, interviews and discussions by Kaarana members. As always, opinions are of the individual. Playlist of television debates with participation from Kaarana members.

Public, private and secret information – Kaarana – Medium

Aadhaar proponents regularly ask opponents why they have a problem sharing their biometrics with Aadhaar if they have no problem sharing with the US government for a visa. Proponents seem to be genuinely perplexed by this apparent hypocrisy. It helps to understand it in terms of the types of information and how they are used. […]

Aadhaar numbers being stored by others apart from UIDAI are not secure

On February 17 being informed about a website publishing various details of potentially 5–6 lakhs children including their Aadhaar numbers, I informed authorities responsible for the website to bring it down and the website was brought down at the earliest. The website was publishing several attributes including aadhaar number, name of the child, both parent’s […]

#AadhaarLeaks: Why UIDAI and PwC are responsible – Kaarana – Medium

This is a continuation of my previous post on UIDAI leaking Aadhaar numbers from its servers. Todays news reports shows yesterday there was repeated point stating “leaks are not from UIDAI”. Arghya Sengupta (From Rohini Nilekani backed Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy)appearing as a counsel for Government in petition challenging PAN-Aadhaar linking said following “As […]

When UIDAI Leaks Aadhaar numbers directly from Its servers

In India, on past one month there are many news reports on various #AadhaarLeaks from Aadhaar seeded Govt services. As of now combined number of Aadhaar numbers leaked will cross 200 million , considering various leaks from Employment Guarantee, minor /student scholarship portal leaks, Social assistance schemes, and various pension schemes. Yesterday I was closely […]

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