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Practicing Digital Safety in India – Kaarana – Medium

Kaarana community has put together a primer on digital safety in India to understand and minimise threats to your digital life by securing your key digital tools. Are you an activist defending human, social or cultural rights? Do you rely on digital tools and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp for collaborating or organising […]

Death of an Aadhaar-holder – Kaarana – Medium

Ever wondered what happens to someone’s Aadhaar once they pass away? Well, nothing happens. This is because UIDAI has not built any process or technology to handle an Aadhaar holder’s death. There are multiple issues that arise from this inability of UIDAI to handle death. FAQ from UIDAI website Now, have you wondered what happens […]

Feedback on IBBI — Information Utility IU regulations

Following is feedback sent to Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI), the insolvency, bankruptcy regulator of India. IBBI uses Aadhaar numbers as part of composite keys and technical standards published by IBBI violates the Supreme Court judgement on Aadhaar limiting the use of Aadhaar to functions of state subsidy, its deviation from data protection […]

Electoral Bonds & Privacy – Kaarana – Medium

The arguments supportive of electoral bonds emphasis that privacy of donors exist and is a form of free speech. Let us examine the data flows to verify if privacy / anonymity really exists in electoral bonds. At the centre of India’s controversial campaign financing system is the concept of privacy. Top ministers of the Indian […]

Hacks of democracy and ECMP patch removing security checks.

How checks and balances that exist in a democracy are hacked in policymaking. Aadhaar ECMP Hack and skirting security checks HuffPost India exposed in detail how a patch to ECMP client, the software used to enrol people into Aadhaar can disable security checks that were intended to prevent fraudulent enrollments. UIDAI's Aadhaar Software Hacked, ID […]

A critical examination of the State of Aadhaar 2018 report by IDinsight

A critical examination of the State of Aadhaar 2018 report by IDinsight Anand Venkatanarayanan Follow May 23, 2018 · 12 min read The State of Aadhaar Report (SOAR; henceforth “Report”) by IDinsight (funded by Omidyar Network) was released on 17th May 2018. Herewith we examine the claims and recommendations in the Report to determine if […]

Aadhaar’s fiscal impact on PAHAL is -6900 crores (loss) so far

Aadhaar’s fiscal impact on PAHAL is -6900 crores (loss) so far The move to make everyone Cash Transfer compliant also hurt the Ujjwala scheme’s chance of success. Anand Venkatanarayanan Follow Feb 6, 2018 · 7 min read This is Part 2 of an earlier report, which showed that LPG subsidy savings because of Aadhaar is […]

Purpose limitation and Bank-UID Linking – Kaarana – Medium

Co-authored by Anand Venkatanarayanan First, the official statement that “Bank-Aadhaar linking will prevent frauds and will enable fraudsters to be traced”, by Ajay Bhushan Pandey: Linking Aadhaar with bank accounts can prevent fraud: UIDAI CEO New Delhi: There has been a loss of $3 billion in the last one year due to fraud in the […]

The fault lines of Aadhaar Mapper in digital payments

This article discuss the fault lines of the current Aadhaar Mapper that is maintained by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), and used in various Aadhaar-based payment systems. For an overview of the role of Aadhaar in digital payments, read this: Overview of Aadhaar and Payments In this post, let’s briefly understand the role […]

Decoding the push to link Aadhaar with mobile numbers and bank accounts

Everyone’s use of Aadhaar is two-way: Sometimes you need to authenticate yourself to avail of a service. This is the standard use case for Aadhaar, involving either biometric or demographic authentication. Other times, UIDAI needs to get in touch with you. Why would UIDAI need to get in touch with you? To send you an […]

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