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Practicing Digital Safety in India – Kaarana – Medium

Kaarana community has put together a primer on digital safety in India to understand and minimise threats to your digital life by securing your key digital tools. Are you an activist defending human, social or cultural rights? Do you rely on digital tools and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp for collaborating or organising […]

Death of an Aadhaar-holder – Kaarana – Medium

Ever wondered what happens to someone’s Aadhaar once they pass away? Well, nothing happens. This is because UIDAI has not built any process or technology to handle an Aadhaar holder’s death. There are multiple issues that arise from this inability of UIDAI to handle death. FAQ from UIDAI website Now, have you wondered what happens […]

Analysis of GPS coordinates of CSCs – Kaarana – Medium

Co-authored with Anand Venkatanarayanan Jeevan Pramaan is a scheme that allows pensioners to get a digital life certificate through biometric authentication. This is necessary for pensioners to prove that they are still alive and therefore eligible for receiving their pensions. Citizen Service Centres (CSC) are located all across India and can be seen on the […]

Decoding the push to link Aadhaar with mobile numbers and bank accounts

Everyone’s use of Aadhaar is two-way: Sometimes you need to authenticate yourself to avail of a service. This is the standard use case for Aadhaar, involving either biometric or demographic authentication. Other times, UIDAI needs to get in touch with you. Why would UIDAI need to get in touch with you? To send you an […]

UIDAI Authentication data analysis – Kaarana – Medium

A recent story on TOI quotes the affidavit that UIDAI filed in the supreme court that there were 1216.8 crore authentications done by Aadhaar so far, which proves that the system is working. 1,216.8 crore authentications: Govt swamps SC with UID data – Times of India Bombarding the Supreme Court with statistics to convince it […]

Insecure App Making – Kaarana – Medium

The application eco-system built around Aadhaar is vulnerable to malware. In this article we will describe this vulnerability in detail and how the conflicting requirements between utility, security, delegation and profit making, created the perfect environment for this vulnerability to come about in the Aadhaar system, as acknowledged by Nandan Nilekani himself. Security and Utility […]

It is the Math. that is the problem – Kaarana – Medium

Why do biometric devices that work in one setting do not work well in other settings? The usual answers to this question are: There is a variance in the conditions. Operator errors which will go away once everyone gets trained on using the device (including users). There are people who want to see the system […]

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