Understanding traceable time – Kaarana – Medium

Earlier this year at a workshop for researchers, I met someone who told me that India had no official policy on synchronized time traceability, and this was a problem in an increasingly digital world. She was having a hard time explaining to officials why it mattered. I immediately joined the ranks of the confused. What […]

The conjuring of Aadhaar duplicates – Kaarana – Medium

The conjuring of Aadhaar duplicates Anand Venkatanarayanan Follow Nov 15, 2017 · 9 min read Getting rid of ghosts: Aadhaar is a foundation for a new and clean India, not a surveillance state Critics have opposed Aadhaar because, according to them, it would turn India into a surveillance state. With due… blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com Ghosts! The very […]

Decoding the push to link Aadhaar with mobile numbers and bank accounts

Everyone’s use of Aadhaar is two-way: Sometimes you need to authenticate yourself to avail of a service. This is the standard use case for Aadhaar, involving either biometric or demographic authentication. Other times, UIDAI needs to get in touch with you. Why would UIDAI need to get in touch with you? To send you an […]

Months of protests against Aadhaar in Karnataka – Kaarana – Medium

In an ongoing case in the Supreme Court, the central government has argued for Aadhaar, a biometric-linked identity number for residents, as necessary for social welfare. On the ground, hundreds of rural and urban poor are protesting in Karnataka since many months against Aadhaar being made mandatory in social schemes. At recent protests organised by […]

Inside the mind of India’s chief tech stack evangelist

Earlier this month a flurry of newly created Twitter troll accounts began heckling me about Aadhaar. Who were these people, and what had I done to upset them? (For context, I’m a co-founder of both HasGeek and the Internet Freedom Foundation, named here.) All screenshots link back to the original tweet. The very first tweet […]

#AadhaarLeaks: Why UIDAI and PwC are responsible – Kaarana – Medium

This is a continuation of my previous post on UIDAI leaking Aadhaar numbers from its servers. Todays news reports shows yesterday there was repeated point stating “leaks are not from UIDAI”. Arghya Sengupta (From Rohini Nilekani backed Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy)appearing as a counsel for Government in petition challenging PAN-Aadhaar linking said following “As […]

Why is IRCTC asking for Aadhaar? – Kaarana – Medium

Why is IRCTC asking for Aadhaar? Anand Venkatanarayanan Follow Nov 8, 2017 · 4 min read Recently IRCTC made linking an Aadhaar mandatory for booking more than 6 tickets a month. And when residents asked “Why?” there was no convincing answers. What would be the reason why IRCTC needs Aadhaar for railway booking? It is […]

UIDAI Authentication data analysis – Kaarana – Medium

A recent story on TOI quotes the affidavit that UIDAI filed in the supreme court that there were 1216.8 crore authentications done by Aadhaar so far, which proves that the system is working. 1,216.8 crore authentications: Govt swamps SC with UID data – Times of India Bombarding the Supreme Court with statistics to convince it […]

Aadhaar is superfluous for eKYC – Kaarana – Medium

Government regulations require that some businesses like financial institutions and telecom providers identify the persons whom they interact with. The identification is usually limited to whom they are (Proof of Identity) and where they stay (Proof of Address). This is called Know Your Customer norms (KYC). 2. What is eKYC? Adhering to KYC norms can […]

Security Analysis of mAadhaar – Kaarana – Medium

Be forewarned. This is a technical post. I have tried to reduce the complexity of the topic for non-technical users, but it may still not be enough. How are OTPs generated? OTP Authentication How does Aadhaar mobile authentication work? The resident must link his mobile number with Aadhaar number either during enrollment or through a […]

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