People’s tribunal on Aadhaar-related issues


On 29 February and March 1, 2020, several contributors of the Kaarana publication will be participating in the “People’s tribunal on Aadhaar-related issues,” being held at the Indian Social Institute in New Delhi.

The Tribunal will help put evidence of the Aadhaar project’s relentless “function creep” and its impact — on welfare schemes, on our informational privacy, and of our right to have rights — before the public together with the jury’s opinion. This, we expect, will help develop a widely endorsed critique of the State’s continued reliance on the Aadhaar number as a “truth machine”, one which gains in significance given the current focus on updating the National Population Register and subsequently preparing the National Register of Indian Citizens. For instance, the fact that possessing an Aadhaar number does not constitute proof of citizenship is not widely known nor advertised.

The Tribunal will have several speakers presenting evidence for their cases, which relate to issues of welfare, gender, policy, security and privacy. The Tribunal will also feature a jury that will deliberate on the issues discussed, and ultimately deliver a verdict on the same.

Those following the Kaarana publication are most encouraged to participate in the Tribunal. Registration can be done here: https://hasgeek.com/rethinkaadhaar/aadhaar-tribunal-2020/

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