Day: February 29, 2020

The complex architecture of DBT transactions is resulting in failures

By: Srinivas Kodali Technology failing is a universal fact, anyone claiming machines do not have errors is usually saying that to sell a machine to you. Aadhaar is no exception, it is not a mythical system that somehow will function without any error. UIDAI itself publishes around 95 types of errors with the Aadhaar authentication […]

People’s tribunal on Aadhaar-related issues

On 29 February and March 1, 2020, several contributors of the Kaarana publication will be participating in the “People’s tribunal on Aadhaar-related issues,” being held at the Indian Social Institute in New Delhi. The Tribunal will help put evidence of the Aadhaar project’s relentless “function creep” and its impact — on welfare schemes, on our informational privacy, […]

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